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external image BBS_02.jpg
external image BBS_03.jpg
external image BBS_04.jpg
external image BBS_05.jpg
external image BBS_06.jpg
external image BBS_07.jpg
external image BBS_08.jpg
external image BBS_09.jpg
external image BBS_10.jpg
external image BBS_11.jpg
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-Beyblade: Metal Fusion to air in Canada on YTV on May 15th at 12 PM!
external image NewIcon.png

-New opening & ending.
external image NewIcon.png

-New character: Kadoya Masamune.
external image NewIcon.png

-Second season called Explosion.
external image NewIcon.png

-Full English opening for Beyblade Metal Fusion revealed.
external image NewIcon.png

-Mizuchi appears.
-Nelvana will bring Beyblade Metal Fusion in NA in fall 2010!
-Beyblade Metal Fusion logo revealed!

-Sol Blaze and Susanoo Beyblades!
external image NewIcon.png

-New releases, up until BB-81!
external image NewIcon.png

-The first Beyblade Metal Fusion items have been revealed.
-The new names for the parts are: (Face), Fusion Wheel, Spin Track and Performance Tip.
-Hasbro Will only focus on the Hybrid Wheel System, not the Metal system.
-Hasbro will officially distribute BEYBLADE: Metal Fusion in Canada in spring 2010
-Beyblade Metal Fusion logo revealed!
-New name for worldwide Metal Fight Beyblade: "BEYBLADE: Metal Fusion"

external image spacer.gif
-CAN: Beyblade Italian Rebirth (05/30/2010)

external image spacer.gif
-MFB anime designs
-Please join the forums to discuss the new series with other members!
-BB-23 L Drago 105F & BB-25 Random Booster Vol. 2 Pisces discussions -New MFB products
-Random updates on Beyblade in Japan

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04/01: Galaxy Pegasis W105R2F
external image NewIcon.png

Ray Unicorno D125CS
external image NewIcon.png

Aquario 105F
external image NewIcon.png

3 Segment Launcher Grip
external image NewIcon.png

04/24: Thermal Lacerta WA130HF
external image NewIcon.png

Beyblade Deck Entry Set
external image NewIcon.png

Galaxy Pegasis DX Set
external image NewIcon.png

Bey Deck Case
external image NewIcon.png

05/22: Rock Giraffe R145WB
external image NewIcon.png

Metal Assist
external image NewIcon.png

06/26: Gravity Perseus AD145WD
external image NewIcon.png

Launcher Rubber
external image NewIcon.png

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BMF Anime: Canada-YTV-Saturday-12:00PM | US-CN-Saturday-7:30AM | UK-NICK-09/10/10-?
**BEYBLADE: Metal Fusion toyline & anime both already launched in Canada and in the United States!**

WBO Contest, CoroCoro, Latest Releases, 2 New Beyblades!
DATE: 04/21/10
The World Beyblade Organization is holding a special Face Contest to celebrate its 10,000 members! It is a Beyblade design contest, and the entries have to be based on an Egyptian theme. There will be four winners, and the first two will get Mercury Anubis 85XF and Ray Unicorno D125CS! Blader DJ appeared to announce this awesome contest just for us as well!
As usual, the recent CoroCoro chapter was scanned by Miingno and added here. There are two special comics associated with it: one telling the first half of the story of the Metal Fight Beyblade movie, and another with Blader DJ and Gou Shuuto.
external image Chapter24preview.jpg
The latest releases' pictures have been published:
BB-88 Starter Meteo L Drago LW105LF (Left Wing, Left Flat)
external image MeteoLDrago.jpg external image MeteoLDragoBeylauncherL.jpg external image MeteoLDrago_LW105.jpg external image MeteoLDrago_LF.jpg
The Clear Wheel indeed has rubber lines on it, and like with Lightning L Drago, Meteo L Drago has two modes depending on the position of L Drago. LF is just a plastic, left version of R�F.

BB-89 Booster Aries 145D (new mold for Aries, to reinforce it and avoid breaks)
external image Aries.jpg

BB-90 LED Sight
external image MFB_LEDSight1.jpg external image MFB_PD.jpg
While this accessory does not really seem useful, TAKARA-TOMY of course decided to include an exclusive Bottom with it: PD. It stands for Polish Defense, and instead of being made of Polycarbonate like all the other plastic parts in Metal Fight Beyblade, its material is POM, or Polyoxomethylene plastic, so it produces even less friction, hence the name of this Bottom. This part was said to jump slightly due to the holes on each side unfortunately.

Also, two new Beyblades with irregular releases have been announced: Divine Chimera TR145FB, and Genocide Rex SW145SD.
external image DivineChimera_Side.jpg external image DivineChimera1.jpg
This Beyblade is a mix of the two entries that won the CoroCoro Beyblade Design Contest, Fire Crocodile and God Birdshine. Its Track is supposed to have some wheels, and its Bottom is mostly unknown for the moment. Divine Chimera will apparently only be available through the special fan-service campaign CoroCoro will have, similar to the campaigns that were done for black Lightning L Drago, Ray Unicorno Aurora Ver., etc. Japanese who are subscribed to CoroCoro simply need to fill a form, attach the payment (920 yen only), and they will get their Divine Chimera. However, after the campaign is done, Divine Chimera will not be produced anymore, so it will probably become very rare.

external image GenocideRex1.jpg
Genocide Rex will be the exclusive Beyblade included with the new DS game, "Showdown at the Summit! Big Bang Bladers". Its parts are clear, and Genocide, with the little we know of it, resembles Storm slightly.

Pictures of another new, but not officially released Beyblade, Tornado Heracleo 105F, can be seen on this website: http://ameblo.jp/takunanabey/theme-10019977892.html

As for this site itself, finally some new content: a page for the very few "Easter Eggs" or references to Bakuten Shoot Beyblade in Metal Fight Beyblade has been made; almost all of the screenshots Rubellite had taken years ago and that I saved in my collection were uploaded on the Beyblade Spirit Gallery, images of Kai will be added later since there are so many; the long versions of the two Metal Fight Beyblade openings were added to the jukebox, which you can access on the right-side navigation!
Sources: CoroCoro/Miingno, Hudson, TAKARA-TOMY, Rubellite
CoroCoro, Bakushin Susanoo 90WF, Beyblade Movie!
DATE: 07/31/10
Beyblades are already available in the United States, way before their official release date of August 1st! Check your local Toys 'R' Us and Wal-Mart for the new toys. Some Storm Capricorn M145Q and Flame Sagittario were also seen, while both are barely in Canada yet.
The two latest CoroCoro issues' scans have been added to the usual page thanks to Miingno. In the very latest issue, there was also a special Blader DJ Comic.
external image Chapter22preview.jpg external image Chapter23preview.jpg
All new releases have been announced too!
BB-86 Beyblade Deck Attack & Defense Set (08/07/2010)
Will contain Poison Giraffe S130MB (Shield and Metal Ball), Cyber Aquario 105RF, Counter Escolpio 145D, and a Beyblade Deck Case.
BB-87 Right Launcher 2 (08/28/2010)
The winder for this new launcher is not oval anymore at its handle, but looks more like a 'T'. The launcher was also slightly remodeled, however it is not a copy of Hasbro's.
BB-88 Starter Meteo L Drago LW105LF (09/18/2010)
Completely new parts, even a new Face design and a remodeled Beylauncher L. LF is most likely not made of rubber, but there might be some of that material elsewhere on the Beyblade...
BB-89 Booster Aries 145D (09/18/2010)
As a matter of fact, the old Metal System Aries is back, cheaper than ever. That Beyblade used to be the most expensive due to its rarity. The colour of the Wheel is a slightly duller purple however.
BB-90 LED Sight (09/18/2010)
Yes, it is essentially the Sniper Scope from the older series.
BB-91 Booster Ray Gill 100RSF (10/23/2010)
Rubber Semi-Flat.
BB-92 Booster Galaxy Pegasis W105R2F (10/23/2010)
Not even a recolour...
BB-93 Booster Ray Unicorno D125CS (10/23/2010)
BB-94 Tornado Stadium (10/23/2010)
This is just a yellow, faster version of the Extreme Beystadium. There is nothing to get excited for, even if it comes with an exclusive Beyblade called Herac Leo 105F.
BB-95 Booster Flame Pyxis 230WD (11/20/2010)
Yes, that is the real height... Moreover, the Track and Bottom are supposed to be pink...
BB-96 Beyblade Deck Attack & Stamina Set (11/20/2010)
The parts are known, however they are a secret, except a potential Metal Flat Bottom. A new Capricorne Beyblade is included in this set with a new Metal Wheel.
BB-97 Ultimate Reshuffle Set Perseus Version (11/20/2010)
It will contain a gold Gravity, a silver Gravity, Perseus "normal" type, Perseus Attack type, Perseus Endurance type, 4 Tracks, 3 normal Faces, 4 Bottoms, 2 Metal Faces Remodeling Ver., and a Beylauncher LR.
BB-98 Ultimate Reshuffle Set L Drago Version (11/20/2010)
It will include 2 Meteo Metal Wheels, L Drago "normal" type, L Drago "Roll" type, L Drago "Assault" type, 5 Tracks, 4 Bottoms, 3 normal Faces, 2 Metal Faces Remodeling Ver., and a clear Beylauncher L. Again, the parts in this set are almost all known, however they are stll a secret. "Roll" and "Assault" are probably the two modes of the new L Drago Clear Wheel.

Pictures of the latest releases were published:
BB-82 Random Booster Vol. 5 Grand Ketos
external image MFB_RandomBoosterVol5.jpg
Grand Ketos T125RS
Grand Ketos WD145RS
Burn Serpent WA130ES
Burn Unicorno SW145JB
Poison Unicorno 130HF
Poison Phoenix WA130SD
Storm Phoenix 130B
Storm Serpent T125HF

BB-83 Booster Pisces DF145BS
external image PiscesDF145BS.jpg
BB-84 Metal Face Remodeling Ver. Clear
external image MetalFaceRemodelingVer_Clear.jpg
BB-85 Metal Face Remodeling Ver. Orange
external image MetalFaceRemodelingVer_Orange.jpg
BB-86 Beyblade Deck Attack & Defense Set
external image MFB_DeckEntryAttackDefenseSet_1.jpg
An update to the Cuts & Changes page has been done thanks to a fan donation: Roxie! They are from Beyblade 2002 and G Revolution.
Several new characters were shown in the anime, and they are: Gasur, Karte & Zidane, Aleksei, Dora, Nowaguma, Sophie, Wells, Puten, Laoshi, Nero Caesar, Zhou Xing, Ryo Onoe, Kazuki & Yui, Takeru, Yamato and Gou Shuuto.
There will be a Sol Blaze Eclipse Ver. V145AS. In Japan, it can only be won by buying Ito-En juice and sending the barcode in the mail. Only 3,000 of that Beyblade will be produced.
Sources: CoroCoro/Miingno, Riumama
Beyblade Metal Fusion, new releases, TWO new Metal Fight Beyblade Chapters, Sol Blaze, Horuseus, WBO French forum, and more!
DATE: 06/24/10
Ah, so many news has been revealed since I last updated...
The upcoming releases that are known are: BB-82 Random Booster Vol. 5 [682 yen] (nothing else about it is known, although it will have a new 'rare' Bottom, however it is made of only plastic), BB-83 Booster Pisces DF145BS [682 yen] (the return of the very rare Metal System Beyblade), BB-84 Metal Face Remodeling Ver. Clear [367 yen], and BB-85 Metal Face Remodeling Ver. Orange [367 yen].
Also, the missing chapter as well as the newest CoroCoro issue have been scanned thanks to Miingno. You can see both the new chapters and the hobby pages by clicking on the following pictures:
external image Chapter19preview.jpg external image Chapter21preview.jpg
The first nine episodes of Beyblade Metal Fusion have aired on YTV in Canada. After the tenth episode, however, YTV will go back to episode 1 in order to let the United States catch up, with Cartoon Network which will start showing two episodes every week beginning on June 26th. The schedules worlwide for the anime and toyline releases are as follows:
already airing every Saturday at 12:00 PM since May 15th on YTV
already available since May 17th
United States
June 26-27th at 7:30 AM on Cartoon Network
August 1st 2010
September 6th, everyday, on Guili
September 12th 2010
United Kingdom
September 10th on Nickelodeon
August 1st 2010
already airing since June 10th on Telecino
July 1st 2010
August 10th on Nickelodeon
August 1st 2010
October 10th on Televisa/Cartoon Network
October 1st 2010
Australia/New Zealand
August 10th on Cartoon Network, November 10th on Ten
November 11th 2010
September 1st 2010
September 27th 2010
Latin America
October 1st 2010
We have confirmation that Bakushin, from the new limited Beyblade that will be included with the new DS game Bakushin Susanoo 90WF, has a white Metal Wheel, not a Light Wheel.
A mysterious character from the new movie was revealed: he is called Bakim, seems to know Helios, and owns a Dark Aquario 145WD.
Moreover, a new Metal Fight Beyblade game for the PSP will be released in Japan on October 21st 2010. It is called "Metal Fight Beyblade Portable Transcendence Reincarnation! Vulcan Horuseus", and will come with a new limited Beyblade, Vulcan Horuseus 145D.
external image VulcanHorseus_1.jpg external image VulcanHorseus_PSP1.jpg
Two games will come out both in North America and in Europe this holiday season in English: Beyblade: Metal Fusion - Battle Fortress (the equivalent of Gachinko Stadium) for the Wii, and the Cyber Pegasis game for DS. It is not confirmed yet whether they will also include Counter Leone and Cyber Pegasis, like their Japanese versions, however they do acknowledge the existence of Counter Leone, so it might be a good sign.
As a side note, the official Beyblade TV Tokyo website was updated, finally. New pictures can be seen, and the layout is better than the one for the first season.
Official images of BB-80 Starter Gravity Perseus AD145WD and BB-81 Launcher Rubber were released:
external image GravityPerseus.jpg external image GravityPerseus_DefenseMode.jpg external image GravityPerseus_CounterMode.jpg external image GravityPerseus_BeylauncherLR.jpg external image GravityPerseusclearwheel_perseus.jpg external image GravityPerseusmetalwheel_gravity.jpg external image GravityPerseustrack_ad145_img.jpg external image GravityPerseus2.jpg external image LauncherRubbers.jpg
Gravity Perseus' Clear Wheel has two modes: the first you can see is called Defense, and the second, when only one red eye sticker can be seen, is named Counter.

Rock Giraffe's parts too:
external image RockGiraffeclearwheel_giraffe.jpg external image RockGiraffetrack_r145_img.jpg

Several pictures of Sol Blaze and its parts have been posted on the official WBBA blog:
external image SolBlaze_1.jpg external image SolBlaze_2.jpg external image SolBlaze_3.jpg external image SolBlaze_4.jpg external image SolBlaze_5.jpg external image SolBlaze_6.jpg external image SolBlaze_7.jpg external image SolBlaze_8.jpg external image SolBlaze_9.jpg external image SolBlaze_10.jpg external image SolBlaze_11.jpg external image SolBlaze_12.jpg external image SolBlaze_13.jpg external image SolBlaze_14.jpg external image SolBlaze_15.jpg external image SolBlaze_16.jpg external image SolBlaze_17.jpg external image SolBlaze_18.jpg external image SolBlaze_19.jpg external image SolBlaze_20.jpg external image SolBlaze_21.jpg external image SolBlaze_22.jpg external image SolBlaze_23.jpg external image SolBlaze_24.jpg external image SolBlaze_25.jpg external image SolBlaze_26.jpg external image SolBlaze_27.jpg external image SolBlaze_28.jpg

A new special CoroCoro limited Beyblade will be released in Japan: Ray Unicorno Aurora Ver. Pictures of it can be seen in the latest CoroCoro scans.
The titles for the upcoming Japanese episodes are: 62-The 4000 Year-old Secret Move; 63-The Bey with a Hero's Name; 64-Russia, Land of Cold; 65-Sublime! Cage Deathmatch. Actually, 62 and 63 have already aired, and new characters have been revealed. They were added to the Metal Fight Beyblade Character Profiles page.
Screenshots up to episode 58 are up on the Beyblade Spirit Gallery. I am very late in my screenshot taking and uploading...
The World Beyblade Organization now has a French forum! So everybody who speaks French should go there to speak about Beyblade. Also, whoever organises a tournament anywhere in the United States this summer will win three rare Face Boosters DIAMOND!
Sources: CoroCoro, Miingno, TAKARA-TOMY, WBBA Blog
Beyblade Metal Fusion premiere, toys and anime! + New releases
DATE: 05/15/10
Many very interesting updates here. First, Miingno will be able to scan the missing CoroCoro issue from April.
Second, Beyblade Metal Fusion products have been spotted in Toronto Toys 'R' Us and Wal-Mart! This means that all Canadians should just keep checking their local stores, because the new items should be available very shortly.
Then, the two-hour special on YTV has just ended. For a dub, it is much better than the dub Bakuten Shoot Beyblade had for all three seasons. Most of the dialogue was kept intact, and not many scenes were edited out. In episode three, however, they removed the fire scenes at the beginning, when Ginga talks about his enthusiast at beyblading and when Madoka yells at the kids to stop ruining her shop, yet for some reason they still showed Ginga having his speech, reusing some footage. Shortly, I will create a page similar to Bakuten Shoot Beyblade's about Nelvana's cuts and edits. Otherwise, most of the voice actors are surprisingly very good. Here is the cast, exclusive to Beyblade Spirit at the moment:
Gingka - Rob Tinkler (Voice actor for many characters in the previous Beyblade series.)
Kenta - Lisette St. Louis
Madoka - Barbara Mamabolo
Benkei - Jason Deline
Doji - Juan Chioran
Kyoya - Peter Cugno
Takashi - Cameron Kennedy
Osamu - Julie Lemieux (Also from the previous Beyblade series.)
Blader DJ - Dan Petronijevic

Concerning the upcoming releases, the 1974-mshr Japanese blog has updated with photographs from the latest CoroCoro issue. Here are his pictures as well as the official images for the next releases:
BB-78 Rock Giraffe R145WB (Rubber 145)
external image RockGiraffe.jpg

BB-79 Metal Assist
external image MFB_MetalAssist.jpg
BB-80 Gravity Perseus AD145WD (Armor Defense 145)
Beylauncher LR

Sol Blaze V145AS (Variable 145 Around Sharp)
Metal Face Blaze Version
V145 Defense and Attack Modes

Ray Unicorno Aurora Ver.

Also, the character who uses Gravity Perseus in Metal Fight Beyblade is called Julius Caesar.
Sources: CoroCoro, 1974-mshr
New CoroCoro, BeybladeBattles.com, Beyblade Metal Fusion on YTV
DATE: 05/11/10
Chapter 20 was scanned by Miingno, as well, as usual, as the hobby section. One CoroCoro issue is missing before that, and that is probably due to an issue that happened earlier with the means of payment. Hopefully another issue can be sent to him, and he will scan it whenever he can.
external image Chapter20preview.jpg
This is a clearer picture of the parts Sol Blaze will have:
external image SolBlaze_PartsCoroCoro.jpg
Rock Giraffe, owned by Wang Da Xiang:
external image RockGiraffe_CoroCoro.jpg
**BeybladeBattles.com** has also finally been opened! The accounts you can make (anybody can register as a regular member because no products have been sold yet, so no codes can be found) do not seem very permanent however: sometimes everything appears to be restarted. With a regular signup, you can only battle against the computer though, not against an apparent real person somewhere in the world live. The new song "Let It Rip" can be downloaded, and I added it to the jukebox. In more important news, the Killer Metal Wheel has been dubbed "Evil" by Hasbro, and the Aquila Clear Wheel is now called "Eagle". On Beyblade Spirit, only the Japanese names will be primarily used however.
The first wave of releases for Beyblade Metal Fusion can be seen on Toywiz.com. Basically, this is the list: Storm Pegasus 105RF, Storm Aquario 100HF/S, Dark Wolf DF145FS, Dark Bull H145SD, Rock Leone 145WB, Rock Aries ED145B, Dark Gasher CH120FS, Flame Sagittario C145S, Storm Capricorn M145Q, Rock Orso D125B, Flame Libra T125ES, (Electronic) Storm Pegasus, (Electronic) Dark Wolf, Faceoff Lion Gale Force Wall (Rock Leone and Flame Bull), Faceoff Pegasus Tornado Wing Attack (Storm Pegasus and Rock Aquario), Faceoff Darkness Howling Blazer (Dark Wolf and Storm Aries), Faceoff Sagittario Flame Claw (Flame Sagittario and Rock Pegasus), Faceoff Red Horned Uppercut (Dark Bull and Storm Leone), Super Vortex Battle Set (has two random Beyblades), Launcher Grip, String Launcher, Pegasus Thunderwhip stadium (blue or yellow), Flame Sagittario + Launcher Grip, Assembly Chamber, Mobile Beystadium.
The title for the first few episodes to be shown on YTV in Canada have been released. It seems it will indeed be a two-hour special this May 15th at 12:00 PM. They are surprisingly extremely close to the Japanese titles:
Episode 01 - Pegasus has landed (05/15/10 at 12:00 PM and 05/21/10 at 7:50 AM)
Episode 02 - Leone's Roar (05/15/10 at 12:00 PM and 05/28/10 at 7:50 AM)
Episode 03 - The Wolf's Ambition (05/15/10 at 12:00 PM and 06/04/10 at 7:50 AM)
Episode 04 - Charge! Bull Power! (05/15/10 at 12:00 PM and 06/11/10 at 7:50 AM)
Episode 05 - Vengeful Gasher (05/22/10 at 12:00 PM)
Episode 06 - Aquario's Challenge (05/29/10 at 12:00 PM)
Episode 07 - It's Our Special Move! Sagittario (06/05/10 at 12:00 PM)
Episode 08 - Merci's Dangerous Trap (06/12/10 at 12:00 PM)
Episode 09 - Leone's Counterattack (06/19/10 at 12:00 PM)
Episode 10 - Heated Battle! Gingka Verses Kyoya (06/26/10 at 12:00 PM)

A new trailer for the new Metal Fight Beyblade movie has been uploaded:
Some new screenshots have been added in the Metal Fight Beyblade Explosion album, and the episode guide was updated. Moreover, the name of the last member of the Wang Hu Zhong team was revealed: Zhou Xing, pronounced "chawe shing".
Sources: CoroCoro, Corus Entertainment, BeybladeBattles.com, Toywiz, TOHO

Beyblade.com is open!
DATE: 05/02/10
Finally, Beyblade.com was opened last Thursday. It basically only redirects to Beyblade.ytv.com, the Beyblade mini-site YTV has though. The only hobby element on the site is the commercial for the toys, which most people find is good. As the video stipulates, the song, "Let it rip", will be downloadable on BeybladeBattles.com whenever that site actually opens... Otherwise, Ginga's name was really changed to "Gingka", and it is pronounced "Jinga"; Kyouya to Kyoya; Daidouji to Doji; Ryuuga to Ryuga. All the other names and special attacks were kept intact. The character's voices in the dub are mostly so-so or 'just fine' compared to their Japanese ones, but Gingka's and Ryuga's are very terrible in everybody's opinion. The actual voice actors are not known yet.
These are the four videos that could be found on Beyblade.com (they have better frame rate there as well):

The preview of episode 13 was actually removed from the official site a few hours after it opened. Only Canadians could view it, and I had at least the opportunity to capture some of the audio. DranzerX13 later made a video out of it using footage from the Japanese DVDs. All the main voices can be heard on it.
In other news, Beyblade Metal Fusion will be broadcast on Cartoon Network in the United States on June 26th at 7:30 AM.
The next few releases after BB-81 are currently extremely vague, but they should be as follows:
BB-82 Random Booster Vol. 5 (a regular one, not Light) - 683 yen
BB-83 Booster B (this will be either Virgo, Aries or Pisces) - 683 yen
BB-84 Metal Face A (new colour) - 386 yen
BB-85 Metal Face B (new colour) - 386 yen
BB-86 Beyblade Deck Entry Set (another set of Beyblades) - 2625 yen
BB-87 Light Launcher (new) - 386 yen
BB-88 Starter B - 1260 yen
BB-89 Booster C (this will be either Virgo, Aries or Pisces) - 683 yen
BB-90 Surrounding Item (will help shoot at a precise point) - 1260 yen

This is a clearer picture of Sol Blaze, whose parts are still unknown:
external image SolBlaze.jpg
Episode 54 screenshots have also been uploaded, and Mei Mei and Li Chi-Yun's profiles were updated.
Sources: Corus Entertainment, Beyblade.com

CoroCoro, Bakushin Susanoo 90WF, Beyblade Movie!
DATE: 04/21/10
It is very late, but the issue that was holding it up at the shop has been resolved and the following CoroCoro magazines should come to Miingno at the same rate as the previous ones. Here is the final chapter of Metal Fight Beyblade season 1:
external image Chapter18preview.jpg
As usual, there are also interesting scans of the hobby section of that CoroCoro issue, notably on Mercury Anubis 85XF and Galaxy Pegasis W105R2F.
YTV has officially announced that Weird On Wheel would be back in summer in Canada. Weird On Wheel is a tour where YTV organises Beyblade tournaments all over Canada. The tour dates will be published on May 19th 2010. YTV will also open a small website for Beyblade Metal Fusion on April 29th: beyblade.ytv.com
The beyblade that will be included with the new DS Game "Metal Fight Beyblade Explosion Bakushin Susanoo Attacks!" is called Bakushin Susanoo 90WF. It is difficult to see Bakushin as being anything but a Light Wheel at the moment, however considering the price is the same as all the other DS games, it should be a Metal Wheel painted white. Hudson has officially opened a page for this new video game: http://www.hudson.co.jp/beyblade/ds3/ Takeru, the owner of Susanoo, can easily be seen as well as his Beyblade:
external image BakushinSusanoo_2.jpg external image DS3_1.jpg external image DS3_Cover.jpg
Moreover, the official site for the new Metal Fight Beyblade movie, "Metal Fight Beyblade the Movie: VS the Sun; Sol Blaze, the Scorching-hot Invader"/劇場版メタルファイトベイブレードVS太陽灼熱の侵略者ソルブレイズ has been updated:
external image MFB_MovieHomePage1.jpg
The Metal Fight Beyblade summaries have been updated up to episode 54. The page for the Metal Fight Explosion episode guide can be accessed here, or by going to the normal Metal Fight Beyblade guide and clicking on the link at the top. Character profiles have also been added or edited: Mizuchi Reiji, Li Chi-Yun, Mei Mei, Yuu Tendou, Ginga Hagane, Hikaru Hazama, Ryuusei Hagane, Wang Da Xiang, Masamune Kadoya. Screenshots of the new opening and ending have been uploaded, as well as images of episodes 52 and 53. Check the Beyblade Spirit Gallery.
Finally, two new songs were added to the jukebox: Galaxy Heart, the opening for Metal Fight Beyblade Explosion, as well as its new ending, Oozora wo koete juke. The jukebox is magical at times: everyone should try it!
To Canadians: keep checking your local toy stores, and if you ever find the new Beyblade Metal Fusion products, you should contact me so everybody can learn the good news!
Sources: CoroCoro/Miingno, Corus Entertainment, Hudson Soft, D-Rights

Expect to watch Beyblade Metal Fusion soon in Canada! + New Releases
DATE: 04/12/10
UPDATE: More news below this one on Beyblade: Metal Fusion! Pictures of the upcoming releases in Japan.
YTV will start broadcasting Beyblade Metal Fusion in Canada on May 15th 2010, from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM, and every Saturday at the same time afterwards.

Following the Let it Rip phenomena that took over the TV screens and playgrounds in 2002, Beyblade makes its much anticipated return with a brand new generation of characters who take on the battle between good and evil. Competing for dominance with their spinning Beyblade tops, the perilous organization of the Dark Nebula is vying for world domination. The only person standing in their way is teenager Gingka, who struggles to find his strength to honour Beyblade and save the world. Produced by Nelvana and Japan�s d-rights, Beyblade: Metal Fusion will air Saturdays at 12 p.m. beginning with a feature length episode on Saturday, May 15 at 12 p.m."

Note: It is probable that "Gingka" is still just a mispelling.
Apparently one Toys 'R' Us in Canada has already started selling Beyblade Metal Fusion products too early. If you find any, come tell us on the World Beyblade Organization. On that subject, to make it easier to purchase Metal Fight Beyblade items from Japan to every Beyblader around the globe, the World Beyblade Organization has started an Authorized Beyblade Dealer Program to help people choose the best and most trusted sellers, as well as get the best prices with exclusive discounts!
As for Metal Fight Beyblade Explosion, summaries and character profiles will be updated and added. A new tournament called Big Bang Bladers will make multiple teams representing several countries fight against each other to determine which is the best. Ginga, Masamune, Tsubasa and Yuu will represent Japan. A new team, Wang Hu Zhong, from China, is formed of different members including Lee Chi-Yun and Mei Mei. The former will most likely own Thermal Lacerta, and one of them uses the Metal System Aquario 105F.
Of course, there is a new opening as well as another ending, which should be added to the jukebox as soon as it is possible.

These are the images of the other releases of April:
BB-74 Booster Thermal Lacerta WA130HF (Wing Attacker 130)
external image ThermalLacerta.jpg

BB-75 Beyblade Deck Entry Set
external image DeckEntrySet.jpg

BB-76 Galaxy Pegasis DX Set
external image GalaxyPegasisDXSet.jpg

Moreover, there will be two new rare Beyblades released this year: Sol Blaze, which will accompany the Metal Fight Beyblade movie because it is owned by the main enemy, called Helios; Susanoo, which of course comes with the third DS video game called "Metal Fight Beyblade Explosion God Susanoo Hurricane!", and which is owned by a boy named Takeru.
Sol Blaze: scan1 scan2 scan3 scan4 scan5
Susanoo: scan1

The new movie will be released or shown in Japanese theatres on August 21st 2010.
Keep looking: there should be more interesting, or at least 'full', updates soon!
Sources: Corus Entertainment, 1974-mshr

Infinity Libra GB145S, Metal Fight Beyblade ~Explosion~ (Baku) & Beyblade Metal Fusion
DATE: 04/01/10
Masamune's profile has been created. More information will be added once he appears in the anime and manga. He owns Ray Unicorno D125CS.
Concerning the new releases, Galaxy Pegasis seems to be a very strong attack Beyblade, and Ray Unicorno also has a lot of potential. CS' rubber appears to wear down quite quickly though. The new Aquario Wheel somehow weighs more than the original. The 3 Segment Launcher Grip has all the functionalities of the regular Launcher Grip, except it does not accomodate the Beypointer. Several videos have surfaced on YouTube featuring the new releases in action, so check them out!
As for Mercury Anubis 85XF, as was expected, bladers in Japan will be able to exchange a high number of BeyPoints against it. Moreover, TAKARA-TOMY will reward them for a lower amount of points with a new Beyblade: Infinity Libra GB145S. The Infinity Metal Wheel looks exactly like the original Libra, and also like the metal counterpart of the Heat Light Wheel, which was the only Light Wheel that did not have a metallic version. Hopefully it is not too overpowered this time.
external image InfinityLibra_Small.jpg
Beyblade Metal Fusion should be available in Canadian stores by the end of April hopefully, so watch out for the new products if you live in Canada!
In Metal Fight Beyblade ~Explosion~, Ryuuga will become good after his match against Ginga, and teams will be formed for a new tournament. Ginga will get Galaxy Pegasis in the second episode. New characters will appear, such as these two who will respectively own Thermal Lacerta and Rock Giraffe:
external image MFB_NewCharacter_Chinese.jpg external image MFB_NewCharacter_Criniere.jpg
Of course, there will also be a new opening and ending. The second opening is still sung by YU+KI and is called "Galaxy Heart". The ending will be called "Oozora wo koete yuke", and is a song by Oodoriba Soul.
The screenshots have been updated as much as possible. An album for Metal Fight Beyblade ~Explosion~ is already set up.
Strangely, the English dub opening for Beyblade Metal Fusion has already been leaked by a Spanish anime website. Enjoy!

Sources: ANMTV, TAKARA-TOMY, DranzerX13

New releases, and second season!
DATE: 03/15/10
Finally an update!
The second season of Metal Fight Beyblade is about to be introduced: Metal Fight Beyblade ~Explosion~, on April 4th 2010 on TV Tokyo. The new character who owns Ray Unicorno, Masamune Kadoya, will of course appear in this season.
Official pictures of the next releases have been published:
BB-70 Starter Galaxy Pegasis W105R2F (Wing 105 Right Rubber Flat)
external image GalaxyPegasis.jpg external image GalaxyPegasis_Launcher.jpg external image GalaxyPegasis_BeyPointCard.jpg external image clearwheel_pegasis2.jpg external image metalwheel_galaxy.jpg external image track_w105_img.jpg external image bottom_r2f_img.jpg

BB-71 Starter Ray Unicorno D125CS (Coat Sharp)
external image RayUnicorno.jpg external image GalaxyPegasis_Launcher.jpg external image GalaxyPegasis_BeyPointCard.jpg external image clearwheel_unicorno.jpg external image metalwheel_ray.jpg external image bottom_cs_img.jpg

BB-72 Booster Aquario 105F
external image Aquario.jpg

BB-73 3 Segment Launcher Grip
external image 3SegmentLauncherGrip.jpg

The new system with the Bey Point Card mostly works with the new Bey Ta 2 Go machine: for each level you reach, a sticker is applied on your card. However, points are also given at important WBBA events for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd-place winners, but also to everybody who participated.
Otherwise, the screenshots and episode summaries for Metal Fight Beyblade are all up-to-date, even those I had previously missed. Those for episode 49 should be done this week.

Beyblade Metal Fusion Pictures and Videos! #2
DATE: 03/01/10
Several new photos of the Beyblade Metal Fusion toyline have surfaced, as well as videos:
external image BMF_9.jpg external image BMF_10.jpg external image BMF_11.jpg external image BMF_12.jpg external image BMF_13.jpg external image BMF_14.jpg external image BMF_15.jpg external image BMF_16.jpg external image BMF_17.jpg external image BMF_18.jpg external image BMF_19.jpg external image BMF_20.jpg external image BMF_21.jpg external image BMF_22.jpg external image BMF_23.jpg external image BMF_24.jpg external image BMF_25.jpg external image BMF_26.jpg external image BMF_27.jpg external image BMF_28.jpg external image BMF_29.jpg external image BMF_30.jpg external image BMF_31.jpg external image BMF_32.jpg external image BMF_33.jpg
So it seems the normal Beyblades all come with Right Launchers that were modified for better grip, and the Electronic Tops get some launchers from the plastic generations, with the old style of prongs. Also, Hasbro decided to put a lot of Japanese everywhere, but they did not bother writing "Go Shoot" in Japanese instead of "retto itto rippu"... They also chose to write the original BB codes for each Beyblade, which is very strange because they will start at BB-28... Thankfully though, they will keep the Japanese naming system, such as "DF145FS" for Dark Wolf.
Otherwise, the screenshots for Metal Fight Beyblade are up-to-date. The summary for the last episode was also written. The MFB DVD Info page was updated as well.
Sources: CollectionDX, Attamai, DranzerX13
Beyblade Metal Fusion Pictures and Videos! + Manga Scans
DATE: 02/14/10
EDIT: The scans are here! There is also a sticker sheet of odd versions of the current Faces, such as Pegasis, Bull, etc.
external image Chapter17preview.jpg
New pictures of the Beyblade Metal Fusion products have been found by Cailany, webmaster of Kai's BeySharks:
external image BMF_1.jpg external image BMF_2.jpg external image BMF_3.jpg external image BMF_4.jpg external image BMF_5.jpg external image BMF_6.jpg external image BMF_7.jpg external image BMF_8.jpg
In order: a portable stadium kit; a blue Beystadium; the yellow Pegasus Thunder Whip stadium; the Super Vortex Battle Set; Electronic Storm Pegasus/String Launcher/Launcher Grip(with Grip Rubber); the two-Beyblades set(Rock Leone and Flame Bull); all the products, including what seems to be the Reactor Chamber, in blue on the top row; all the Beyblades, and Rock Aries and Storm Pegasus at the top.
Two videos have also been uploaded on YouTube that show these products. The new English opening theme for Beyblade Metal Fusion can be heard as well in the first video; as expected, the same music is heard as in the Japanese song.
It seems Pegasis has been changed into Pegasus, and Cancer into Gasher. The yellow stadium is called Pegasus Thunder Whip. In general, the stadiums look a lot better than what we thought Hasbro could make, although they are still not as good as TAKARA-TOMY's Beystadiums.

Make sure to check the previous update as well; very interesting!
Sources: Cailany, Facebook user?, widro/Inside Pulse
DATE: 02/12/10
The 1974-mshr blog just posted scans from CoroCoro that show three of the new Beyblades!
Galaxy Pegasis W105R2F
It does not mention what R2F stands for, even though it can be obvioous. They seem to say that they fused the attributes of the metal Pegasis Wheel and the Storm Metal Wheel even more than with Cyber Pegasis. R2F is oddly shaped like a star... W105 will probably stand for Wing 105 even though it is not clarified at the moment.

Ray Unicorno D125CS
By the way, the new rival character, Masamune, is its owner, and he is holding the new 3 Segment Launcher Grip. The place where the Beypoint Card will be put can easily be seen.

Mercury Anubis 85XF
As I must have mentioned in an earlier update, this is the new limited WBBA Beyblade after Quetzalcoatl 90WF. It will probably be obtainable only with the new Beypoint Campaign beginning in March 2010 in Japan. XF stands for Extreme Flat.

These Beyblades will be added to the index once official pictures have been published. It is useless to mention that of course nobody can take and use the photos on this blog since they are personal scans from a Japanese fan...
Gravity Perseus' gimmick, in the end, is probably only going to be a multi-directional Beylauncher with a Clear Wheel not obstructed in any way (all the current Clear Wheels have small 'walls' to prevent the insertion of some launcher prongs).
Miingno should send me the manga scans from the previous CoroCoro issue soon. Keep coming!
The Beyblade Spirit Gallery is regularly being updated with the latest Metal Fight Beyblade screenshots. I work as quickly as I can. Hopefully the episode summaries will be complete soon as well.
Also, this is the first official picture of Hasbro's new product Beyblade Metal Fusion. Unfortunately, the stadium showed might not be sold at all since they used it years ago for demonstration and tournaments as well. At least, the Right Launchers' colours look vibrant, better than TAKARA-TOMY's:
external image BMF_HasbroToyFair10_1.jpg
Sources: 1974-mshr blog, Yahoo! News
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